After 35 years of programming computers, my hands and arms have a habit of complaining.  I have chronic tendinitis and carpal tunnel problems. This has caused me a lot of problems with the actual quilting process and I'd about given that part up.  The best I could hope for was to borrow a friend's long arm.  Other than that I was going to have to send my quilts out for quilting and that costs money.  But no more!!  I took a wonderful quilt-as-you-go class last weekend. Unlike the technique I was taught a few years ago, this technique requires no handing sewing. Yea!!!  With this technique I only need to quilt a small area at a time and that I can handle.  I am so excited!!!!!   I've posted a few pictures. We did all of this in the 5 hr class.  The final quilt will be 4x4. Around 44"x44".  The purple, yellow and green are the front side. And the other blocks are the back.