Soon after I finished the beginner class quilt, my friend and quilting buddy, Suzie, took me on a "quilt rush" where we visited a bunch of shops in one day. What an experience! Suzie is the ultimate enabler and my fabric stash grew that day. At one of the shops I picked up a Halloween panel and a charm pack. Then I went home and made a quilt from scratch and no pattern. What was I thinking? LOL I had to keep changing the layout and adding more fabric from my stash before it all fit. But it came out wonderful and I use it often. The latter may be because I have only actually finished 3 quilts. One of those is a wall hanging and one I gave away. That leave me just this one to warm me up. :) I suppose you could call this my first quilt design. I had a tendonitis flair-up after I finished it and didn't sew again for a few months.