So now we get to talk about my current projects!  I join the BOTM at one of my local quilt shops.  It's a 6 month project that makes a Christmas quilt. The pattern is called Be Merry from Bits 'n Pieces.  This is the first time I attempted to make a picture quilt and it's definetly a learning experience for me.  Now I am going to whine (although I would rather have wine and cheese).  I am not pleased with the fabrics the shop has chosen and neither are a lot of other people.  I've swapped out quite a few. The instructions in the leaflet are written for an experienced quilter without much direction and that annoys me because the quilt shop owner swore to me that it was a good quilt for a beginner (NO IT'S NOT!). And, what really ticks me off is when we meet to pick up the blocks we are NOT given any instructions just a sales pitch.  Grrr!!

The tall church at the beginning of the post was block one.  I've swapped out the fabric for the sky, the roofline, and  the church. I ripped out the church so many times that I had to replace the fabric.  I did learn from my mistakes though and that is important.

These 5 blocks were the next BOTM. Yes, 5 blocks in one month. Someone needs to learn to count. These were much easier to make.  I swapped out the fabric in the sky again and a couple of others.   I liked making the houses and hope someday to make a house quilt with very bright and colorful fabric. I would much rather make a fun quilt! 

I pick up the 3rd installment on Sunday.