After the Halloween quilt I started a couple of quilt-tops that still aren't finished. Both were kits. The first one is a wall hanging made up of colorful tropical batiks done in stack-and-whack style. I like the quilt but I made a ton of mistakes. I took a quilt-as-you-go class and I brought this quilt to work on. That was a big mistake since I really dislike the technique that was taught. Then I tried to improvise and that made it even worse! So it's been hanging around as a UFO for the last year and half. But last week I took a good look at it and decided that it was salvageable. Mostly because I have learned so much since I had given up. Look for this to become a finished product sometime over the next few months.

The other quilt-top I started was a teapot themed quilt for a friend. Sadly none of the tea pots are centered properly. I tried to balance it off with some fusible applique but it doesn't really work. Partly because I hadn't had much experience with fusible applique! I'm not sure if I will finish this one or not. I need to stare it a while and decide if it is salvageable. To be honest, I don't really care for the fabric and I have since made another quilt for my friend.