This quilt was a turning point for me. My earlier work was mostly made from kits or charm packs. I bought the panel for this quilt several years early before I even started sewing again. I spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with it and to find complimentary fabric.  Then I finally hit this combination. The irony is the fabrics I eventually used were in my stash all along!  Nothing in this quilt was properly squared off - a lesson I hadn't fully learned yet. And I was ironing instead of pressing which also caused distortion. But it doesn't matter because I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!  Color! OMG!  Color! I finally discovered color!  If you look at my earlier work, I always used bright fabrics but I didn't really understand using color and pattern.  Now there was no turning back.  Look out world!  There are a lot of crazy wild color combinations coming from me!!!  As an aging old hippy I would really like to keep this quilt but I have been thinking of sending it to my niece who is at college.  But I worry someone may steal it so maybe not. :o)