I took a class to learn how to do French Braids which I found out are surprisingly very easy. The instructor supplied the fabric for the braids but no border.  After I made the braids I set them aside for several months because I was afraid to do the trimming. It sounded so intimidating. And I figured that lining up all those points would be a nightmare.  When I signed up to take another class I challenged myself to finish two UFOs before the class so I finally got around to trimming and sewing the braids together.  And it was easy!  I felt so silly for waiting all that time.  I tried out many fabrics and patterns before I could settle on a border and I am so glad I waited because this border suits this quilt perfectly. And I love the colors!!!!  It is a very HAPPY quilt! This quilt will probably stay with me. I don't think I can give it away. It makes me smile too much!